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Fit and healthy with the online training program from Ready2Improve! You will receive a personal training schedule for maximum progression with respect to your fitness report, tips and tricks for a healthier life and access to a unique platform. Learn to listen to your body and adjust your training schedule to your agenda.


  • 2 fitness measurements (self-test)
  • 2 fitness reports (one report after each fitness measurement)
  • 2 training schedules based on active minutes, to improve cardiovascular fitness (one training schedule after each fitness measurement)
  • Weekly motivational emails with tips & advice


€90 excl. VAT

€108,90 incl. VAT

! For the self-test, you must have a device that registers your heart rate (e.g. activity tracker, smartwatch, sports watch with chest strap).

! If you have a Fitbit, Polar, Garmin tracking device or Apple Health/Google Fit account, it is possible to connect it to our Improver Platform to automatically track your training data in your training schedule.

! Interested in purchasing a tracking device? View here the training tools that you can purchase via Ready2Improve.

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