1-on-1: Sleep


1-on-1 coaching with a real sleep expert! Claudine Drees is an expert in cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. Her programs have been validated by Dr Merijn Van De Laar, sleep scientist at Maastricht University. Get to know and solve your sleep problem with an evidence-based approach.


  • Intake interview (sleep scan, introduction + determining goals)
  • Online or live coaching (to be agreed with the coach)
  • Professional guidance by a sleep expert with tailor-made techniques and recommendations



In case of reduced sleep quality:

= 180′ (3h) coaching


€300 excl. VAT

€363 incl. VAT

In case of insomnia:

= 360′ (6h) coaching


€600 excl. VAT

€726 incl. VAT

! The 1 on 1 coaching takes place online or live – to be agreed in advance with the coach. Mileage allowance is charged separately.

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