Workshops on health & well-being topics of your choice

Workshops can be given based on the needs, requirements and interests of a company. We offer a wide range of workshops on important health & well-being topics and sport sessions.


Workshops customized to the company, with an interactive approach, an emphasis on fun and dynamics and attention to the individuality of the organization.


Scientifically proven information provided by a highly trained, multidisciplinary team of coaches, supported by technology.


Our aim is that every participant has some take-aways he/she can apply immediately. We love it when people approach us years later to tell us that what they learned had a real impact on their lives.

Workshops strengthen the group chemistry and ensure committed and motivated employees

You can choose from our wide range of workshops on different health & well-being topics and/or sport sessions. All workshops and sessions are highly interactive, based on science and ensure team dynamics. The workshops and sport sessions last 1 to 2 hours and take place at the location of your choice.


Workshops customized to your organization

Motivation in motion

Together we look for the best way to intrinsically motivate employees to work on their health in a sustainable way. During the workshop, a movement coach from the Ready2improve team supports the participants in taking the first steps on their path to a healthy lifestyle. Our approach takes into account the sustainability of their lifestyle changes, so that the participants stick to their action plan.


Team workshop where participants learn how to generate and maintain more energy on the basis of 5 energy dimensions: physical, mental, social-emotional, environment and purpose. Participants learn how to convert their stress level into more purpose-drivenness, passion and enthusiasm at work in the short and long term. In this interactive and experiential workshop we provide a number of tips and tricks to experience this and to gain insight into what the effect can be for yourself, as an employee and as a colleague within the company.

Stress less (work-life balance, resilience)

The health coach supports the participants in developing a personal plan to make it easier to deal with stress, setbacks and their work-life balance, in order to strengthen their mental resilience. Resilience is not only about ‘bouncing back’ to the original position, but also about growth capacity and stability. Solutions in different areas (behavior, body, mind, environment) are discussed. The participants learn how to recognize and combat stressors in daily life.

Back school / Ergonomics

The coach teaches the participants how to sit and move better in order to respect your back: sitting and lifting techniques, the correct posture at the desk or at machines and a good posture to execute daily movements at work and at home in a healthy way.


Together with a nutrition specialist, participants learn how to make healthy choices. The knowledge on healthy food is conveyed on the basis of easy to apply tips and tricks, a nutrition quiz and many DIY assignments. We also zoom in on a healthy mental attitude. This attitude makes the big difference between failing or successfully applying a healthy diet on the long run.


Agenda management with a focus on awareness of the challenges that cause an overloaded agenda. Learn to plan well, step by step, in order to organize yourself and to spend your time in the most optimal way. We do this with the help of 10 health priorities or “healthy habits” that make life more pleasant.


A power walking sport session is a walk at a brisk pace with intermediate physical exercises, in which fun and team building play a central role. The intention is that the participants can relax for a while and have a joined extra dose of exercise. The Powerwalk is accessible to everyone and only walking shoes are required.


Sport session where the basic principles of boxing are taught through fun interactive exercises in pairs and in group. The emphasis is on fun and interaction between colleagues. It works against stress and promotes blood circulation, which is of course a plus!


Using movements and exercises to bring attention back to the breath and the body, which leads to mental peace and an improvement of physical awareness. In addition, the focus is on movements that reduce stress and relieve tension on muscles in shoulders and neck.

Digital or on-site

Depending on the topic and your need, the workshops & sport sessions can be given both physically at your company site or online.

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