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Our values

Ready2improve applies 7 core values, which are a reflection of the identity of Ready2improve as a company and of the values ​​that we want to pass on to our customers:



Future oriented




Being a role model


Our basic principles



Holistic coaching


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Our methodOLOGY


In order to optimally guide our customers, we have developed a unique method: ‘Motivational Coaching’. During this coaching we work with certain principles that strengthen your motivational power. This way you are stronger afterwards to sustain changes in the long term. In this coaching method we go through 10 steps together. Each step is based on a well-known figure that symbolizes what this step is all about.

1. To measure is to know - Frederick Winslow Taylor

The first step starts with the principle ‘Measuring is knowing’. The symbol for this is Frederick Winslow Taylor, an engineer who went to work in a factory to observe the processes on the shop floor. This way he could find out where improvements could be made. We actually do the same. We review their habits with the participants and help them make small adjustments to help them achieve their goals.

2. Honesty is the best policy - Mahatma Gandhi

Step two is built around the statement ‘Honesty is the best policy’ with Mahatma Gandhi as the symbol. It is not easy to change your habits. Yet you do have a lot under control. For your motivation it is important to gain insight into what you can influence by yourself. Even though it is not always easy, you still learn to deal with the responsibility for your own choices.

3. 'I have a dream' - Martin Luther King

‘I have a dream!’ said Martin Luther King and that is our third principle. To stay motivated in the long term, you need a clear future perspective and a goal.

4. Give and you will receive - Amélie Poulain

Step four is based on the slogan ‘Give and you will receive’. We find a good example of this in Amélie Poulain from the movie ‘Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain ‘. This movie shows you that people who keep doing the same things, always end up in the same situations. However, we also see that if, like Amélie, you dare to try new things, new doors will open and you will see real results from your actions. This is also the case in everyday life. 

5. Survival of the fittest - Charles Darwin

Step five is based on Darwin’s theory: ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.’ Darwin here symbolizes the scientific approach. So much is known about how our bodies and minds work, but this knowledge is not converted enough into existing health and well-being programs. That is exactly what we do. We help you adapt your life to the challenges of our time, based on scientific knowledge.

6. Creativity is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein

‘Creativity is more important than knowledge’, said Albert Einstein and creativity is what step 6 is all about. Knowledge is an important basis. However, if you lack the creativity to apply it into your own life, it is useless. An example to illustrate: We once guided a manager who wanted to exercise more. He thought that exercising more would mean he had to go to the fitness 4 times a week for 2 hours, what would be impossible to fit into his busy schedule.  But, with som help, he came up with the idea to organize walking meetings, what suited his goals and his agenda perfectly. So being creative is the message. Thanks to our extensive practical experience, you will receive a lot of suggestions and tips that you can use in your own creative way.

7. Roll yourself into a new pattern - Mother Theresa
Step seven starts from the idea ‘Roll yourself into a new pattern’, with Mother Teresa as a symbol. An example from our practice: a radio producer told us at the start of his programme that he wanted to live a healthier life, but that he was not – and never would be – sporty. But you don’t have to be sporty at the end of the course, you are already well on your way if you integrate more movement into your daily life. That man started cycling to work, started walking regularly and changed his eating habits. Fine, isn’t it?
8. Habits arise from repetition - Pavlov

Step eight deals with the principle ‘Habits arise through repetition’. A good and well-known example of this is Pavlov’s research. Pavlov’s dog learned the connection between a sound and food. After a while, the sound itself was enough for the dog to expect food and to salivate. Of course, he did not learn this immediately. The food had to be combined with the sound for many times before the dog made that connection. That is how it works with our habits. It takes effort and time to learn them. In the beginning it is best to keep a constant finger on the pulse of it. And habits can also die out, so you have to maintain them. No problem, as a coach we help you with this so that you remain motivated to achieve your goals!

9. Never give up - Winston Churchill
Within the penultimate step we even dive deeper into motivation and inner drive. Changing your life is a learning process. Just like a child who learns to walk or cycle, this happens by trial and error. As long as you maintain a positive attitude, it is easier to stand up every time again. We are of course happy to help you. ‘Never give up’ has as its symbol Winston Churchill. Churchill is a controversial figure and perhaps not an immediate example in terms of health, but one thing is for sure: he was a go-getter! This is evident throughout his life. Already in his early childhood, at boarding school, he showed an unyielding will. This will came in handy later on in the resistance against Hitler. With his symbolic words: ‘We shall go on to the end, … we shall fight on the seas and oceans, … we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds…; we shall never surrender’, he brought courage to the English hearts.
We want to create such determination and persistence in the hearts of the people we help.
10. Live the way you want it - Erik Weihenmayer
In a final step, we teach you to ‘live the way you want it’. Symbol for this is a young American, Erik Weihenmayer, who went blind and nevertheless climbed Mount Everest. He did not allow himself to be influenced by the circumstances. He had a clear goal and did everything he could to turn this into reality! Through intense training and adapting climbing techniques and equipment to his abilities, he succeeded in achieving his goal!
His achievement and especially his perseverance made him a role model, not only for the blind, but for all of us. After all, his story teaches us a lot. Any kind of behavioral change is a bit like “climbing Mount Everest”: with the right attitude and the right team, you can move mountains!

The team

Who is Ready2Improve?

Wouter Goris

Wouter Goris

Founder & Managing partner

“Destiny is what you make of it, as long as you follow your heart, because the heart has reasons, reason doesn’t know about and that’s the way to be all you can be.”

+32 (0) 496 69 33 95

Wouter Goris - Ready2Improve
Emilie Schollaert

Emilie Schollaert

Managing partner & project manager Het Veerkrachtigste Bedrijf

“The real question is not whether life exists after death. The real question is whether you are alive before death.” (Osho)

+32 (0) 478 59 61 69

Jef Denruyter

Jef Denruyter

Coach & project manager individual coaching

The body is like an engine that needs to be lubricated often enough to run smoothly. ‘Training’ is the lubricant you need for your physical and mental muscles.

+32 (0) 476 27 62 32

Hanne Van Overloop

Hanne Van Overloop

Project manager Improver Platform and Research & Development

Whatever your dream or challenge, if you keep trying you will get there. With motivation, willpower and the right tools you can achieve any goal.”


Tjorven Bollingh

Tjorven Bollingh

IT Consultant Improver Platform

Do you want to live healthier? Always do it in a fun way, otherwise it won’t last.


Seppe Rotthier

Seppe Rotthier

Headcoach The Fittest Company

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

+32 (0) 497 89 01 44

Bernd Cambré

Bernd Cambré

Vitality Coach

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