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About improver platform

The platform that supports you wherever and whenever you want!

The Improver Platform is the overall tool for our services. For example, via the platform we can provide online follow-up, coaching, analyze results, automatically generate training schedules, link smartwatches, and so on. It is a platform that provides an instant overview of the well-being of the users and lends a helping hand to improvement if necessary.


Find your personal training schedule, fitness tests, event calendar and coaching on the platform or play a challenge with colleagues!


Scientifically based coaching given by highly trained coaches via the platform. Ask all your questions whenever you want!


Tools that can be used sustainably with attention to the specific needs and requirements of the users.

The platform connects everything and everyone with each other

Through the platform we can not only coach users individually. We can also organize challenges, do a company audit or vitality scan and we can link events to the platform so that employees stay informed via the platform.


What can you do on the Improver Platform?


Competitions have traditionally been a fun way to encourage people to exercise more or live differently. The goal set in the challenge is attainable for everyone, but also challenging at the same time. The aim is to teach people a healthier habit in a fun way. The different challenges: water challenge, candy challenge, steps challenge, beat the soft drink and fit-o-meter.


With this audit you gain insight into the physical and psychosocial well-being of the employees. The employees register for the company via a personalized URL and fill in the open questionnaires. After a predetermined period, we will make a report of these results and discuss them with you. This company audit is useful as a risk analysis for psychosocial well-being. By carrying out this, you as an employer comply with your legal obligations. This audit is fully GDPR compliant.


While the company audit provides a comprehensive picture of the physical and psychological situation in your company, the vitality scan provides a more limited insight into certain themes (lifestyle, motivation, exercise).

Registration for events

A year full of activities planned at one or more location(s)? And do your employees need to register? Then this can entail a lot of administrative hassle. The Improver Platform is happy to ease your administrative work!

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