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Vitality Coaching customized to your organization

Our Vitality Coach develops, organizes and implements a customized health policy within your company.

Vitality Coaching

Vitality Coaching is drawing up, organizing, implementing and executing a customized health policy within a company. We increase the energy, motivation, involvement, efficiency and productivity of the employees in a personal and dynamic way!


Workshops can be given based on the needs, requirements and interests of a company. For this we offer a wide range of workshops on important themes and exercise sessions.

Individual Coaching

In addition to collective coaching, we also offer individual coaching in companies. Our personal coaches assist you to achieve your personal goals. The coaches offer a helping hand to improve the health of the individual by means of a customized approach.


With deskercise from Ready2improve you stay fit at your desk and work preventively against low back and neck complaints. During the sessions of 15 to 20 minutes you perform strength and stretch exercises together with your coach and your colleagues. You don’t have to change clothes or move around, because you perform each exercise at your desk. Reconnect with your colleagues with this ideal exercise break. Deskercise is 100% online via a platform of your choice.

Improver Platform

The Improver Platform ensures that we can follow you online and coach you remotely. In addition, we can analyze your results, draw up personal training schedules, link your smartwatch, and so on. It is a platform that provides an overview of your state of well-being in one fell swoop and lends you a helping hand to improve if necessary.


Challenge your colleagues! Competitions have traditionally been a fun way to encourage people to exercise more or live differently. The goal set in the challenge is attainable for everyone, but also challenging at the same time. The aim is to teach people a healthier habit in a fun way. The different challenges: water challenge, candy challenge, steps challenge, beat the soft drink and fit-o-meter.


Ready2Improve company challenges

Participate in our company challenges ‘The Fittest Company’ and/or ‘The Most Resilient Company’. Achieve sustainable progress and be in the spotlight with the entire organization. Find more information about these popular products through the personal websites.

The Fittest Company

The Fittest Company is a competition between companies all over Flanders to make as much physical progress as possible. This means that a company enters into a 12-week challenge with a fitness measurement at the beginning and at the end. The company that makes the most physical progress during this period can call itself The Fittest Company.

The Most Resilient Company

Just like your muscles, you can also train your brain to become more resilient! Do you also want to work on the resilience of your employees in a sustainable way? Then take on the 12-week challenge together and who knows, you may be proclaimed the most resilient company for 1 year!





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