SME e-wallet

Our training courses and our advice are eligible for full or partial subsidization through SME e-wallet.

SME e-wallet

The SME e-wallet is a subsidy measure through which you – as an entrepreneur – receive financial support for the purchase of services that improve the quality of your company. Small businesses receive 30% support, a medium-sized company 20% support. The maximum aid ceiling per year is EUR 7,500 in aid. Ready2Improve is a registered service provider for SME Portfolio for the Advice branch under registration number DV.A215549 and for the Training branch under registration number DV.O215548.

For whom?

SMEs established in Flanders can benefit from the subsidy from the Flemish Government. If you pay via SME e-wallet, you must apply for the SME e-wallet immediately after receipt of the invoice. You undertake to respect the shortest possible lead time for the payment request.

As a customer, you are responsible for the correct use of the SME e-wallet and for obtaining this subsidy. In the event of irregularities, incorrect or illegal use of these subsidies, the customer is responsible for the consequences and will be obliged to pay for the services of the service provider in full. If – in case of incorrect or irregular use of the SME e-wallet and its subsidies – there are negative consequences for Ready2Improve, the customer can be held liable for this. Any consequences and the associated costs will be borne by the customer.

The VAT amount must be transferred immediately to the account number stated on the invoice.


What is eligible for payment via KMO-Portefeuille?

Training conditions

The training costs a minimum of 100 euros – excluding VAT, including travel costs for the teacher and catering costs limited to 25 euros per person per day.
You enter into an agreement with a registered service provider.
At each lesson you sign the attendance list (written or electronic).
The training is paid before 31 December of the year after your application for support.
Do you opt for distance learning (e-learning)? Then there must be direct interaction with the teacher.
You apply for support from registration and up to fourteen days after the start of the classes.
After the training you will receive a personalized training certificate from your service provider.


Conditions for advice
What types of advice are eligible?

Advice takes different forms. Two types are eligible for a grant:
Written recommendations that analyze a problem, give concrete advice, help draft and implement an implementation plan.
Written recommendations that identify, map and investigate opportunities and solutions.

The target? Moving your business forward.


The service must meet the following conditions:

The advice starts from a concrete problem statement and ensures that you make business decisions based on analysis (research), advice (suggestions, advice) and an implementation plan (action plan, step-by-step plan, concrete advice).
The advice is in a written document.
The service costs at least 500 euros, excluding VAT.
You enter into an agreement with a registered service provider.
The consultancy project must be paid before 31 December of the year after your application for support.
You apply for the support online from the conclusion of the agreement up to a maximum of fourteen days after the start of the collaboration.
After the consultancy services, you will receive a personalized advice report from your service provider.


Which advice does not qualify?

Of course, this advice is intended to stimulate your company even more. That is why advice on your ordinary business expenses or legally required services is not eligible for subsidies. Advice on subsidies is also not eligible.

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