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About Vitality Coaching

A health policy customized to your organization

Our Vitality Coach develops, organizes and implements a customized health policy within your company.


Customized advice to your company with a personal approach and attention to the individuality of your organization. Emphasis on FUN and dynamics.


All coaches are highly educated, use scientifically proven methodologies and have built up experience at companies in various sectors.


We deliver sustainable results and care for a sustainable relationship with all our customers and partners. We believe in long-term cooperation for maximum effect!

Customized to your organisation

Every health policy is tailor made to ensure long-term results.

The health policy is elaborated together with the customer through a structured process with an eye for as well quick wins as sustainable behavioral change among the customer’s employees.

Our Vitality programme mainly aims to increase the energy, efficiency and productivity of the employees, but it also increases their involvement and motivation.

Why a health & well-being policy

In addition to an IT service, why not have a Health & Well-being service within your organization?”

“Because happy employees who feel good about themselves make an impact on the organization.”


What does a Vitality Coaching programme look like?


Step # 1 - Create a burning platform

To get to know your company, we sit together with various key figures during an intake interview. Here the expectations and objectives of the process are discussed.


Step # 2 - Set up structures

We build a workgroup and a steering group within the company. The working group consists of enthusiastic, motivated employees who want to help shape the health policy. The steering committee consists of the decision-makers who will ensure the framework and the budget.


Step # 3 - The needs and requirements

A thorough analysis or scan of the organization is performed, with the aim of detecting the needs and requirements your employees have with regard to well-being at work.


Step # 4 - Action plan

an the information collected in step 3 is analyzed and translated into concrete advice. We indicate in which domains progress is possible and define the action steps to get there.


Step # 5 - Implementation

Together with the workgroup, we develop a concrete action plan. In addition, a communication plan, taking into account the communication options within the company, will be determined in order to promote the process.


Stap # 6 - Evaluation

After the first actions have taken place, we make time for a thorough evaluation. We start with concrete feedback. What is going well? What can be done better? Are there extra people that want to support the programme ?


Stap # 7 - Anchoring

The goal of this hugely important step is to embed well-being into the overall operation of your business. How do we ensure that this well-being policy will still be alive and topical within 10 years?


What results can you expect?

By setting up a steering group and workgroup within your organization, we join our forces to determine the needs and requirements, to develop an action plan and to implement the actions within the framework of a sustainable health & well-being policy. We help you on your way and ensure the anchoring of this policy.

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