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Just like you can train your muscles, you can also train your brain to develop more resilience and thus protect yourself against stress and burnout. This is possible with the online training program of Ready2Improve!


  • Pre- and post measurement of resilience
  • 6 weeks online resilience coaching – 6 themes: Movement & Nutrition, Sleep hygiene, Focus & Flow, Thoughts, Resilience supportive environment, From purpose to action
  • Online Coaching Diary
  • 6 months access to online learning platform

2 versions

  • LIGHT: Your progress will be measured on the basis of a resilience questionnaire at the start and at the end of the trajectory.
  • BRAINPOWER: Thanks to the Mindstretch app you will be able to continuously see how your resilience improves. More information about this unique app can be found in the text below.



Version LIGHT:

€90 excl. VAT

€108,90 incl. VAT


€180 excl. VAT (Fitbit not included)

€217,80 incl. VAT (Fitbit not included)

In the BRAINPOWER version: Mindstretch app (BioRICS nv) 

We map your resilience using a Fitbit tracking device and an algorithm developed by BioRICS. The Mindstretch app is the first in the world to provide the user – in real time – with information about mental energy expenditure, based on objective body measurements

  • Individual monitoring of mental energy consumption & recovery
  • in real time
  • Immediate monitoring of the effect of the new habits

! The Brainpower package requires a Fitbit tracking device. This can be purchased as an add-on to the Brainpower coaching track.

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