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About online learning platform

Training in a theme of your choice

Training can be followed based on the needs, requirements and interests of a company. We offer a wide range of training courses on important themes.


Tailor-made trainings for the company with an interactive approach, emphasis on fun and dynamics and with attention to the individuality of the organization.


Scientifically substantiated information provided by highly trained coaches who are deployed in a multidisciplinary manner and are technologically supported.


Try to give everyone something to continue with after the training. What we want to see is that people still approach us after years and say that it has had an impact.


Our trajectory


Together we will look for your way to healthy sleep. We determine the sleep efficiency on the basis of the sleep compass platform, where things such as a workbook, videos and audios can be found. This will be increased in the six weeks of sleep training.

Digital Detox

Together we learn to work and live healthily and consciously with technology and digital communication.

Motivation in exercises

Do you want to start exercising or improve your endurance? Do you want to lose weight and get stronger? Then this coaching is for you!

Mental resilience

Do you want to work on yourself and face today’s challenges with your head held high? Are you curious about what you can do even better to feel good about yourself? Then definitely choose one of our resilience packages.

Smoking cessation

Quitting smoking is one thing, feeling good about it is another pair of stockings. Our tobaccoologist will help you get rid of that cigarette once and for all by making you feel happy without tobacco and nicotine.


Together with our nutrition coach, you will look for less good habits and convert them into healthier choices. You learn to eat better and healthy, it is also tasty too!

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Fancy an exploratory (walking) conversation? Then make an appointment directly with Wouter Goris.


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